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Essential Pandas Commands


Pandas is one of the most powerful and popular data analysis libraries for Python, containing an overwhelming amount of functionality. Essential Pandas Commands will teach you the most efficient and effective ways to utilize the Pandas library to complete nearly any data analysis. During this hands-on tutorial using real-world datasets, you will be given very clear instruction on the following topics:
Understanding the components of the Series/DataFrame
Selecting subsets of data
Series/DataFrame aggregation methods
String and datetime specific methods
Grouping and aggregating
This course is taught by expert Pandas instructor Teddy Petrou, author of Pandas Cookbook, Master Data Analysis with Python, and Build an Interactive Data Analytics Dashboard with Python.


Ted Petrou is the author of Pandas Cookbook and founder of both Dunder Data and the Houston Data Science Meetup group. Ted received his Master's degree in statistics from Rice University and used his analytical skills to play poker professionally and teach math before becoming a data scientist. Ted is the author of the Dexplo and Dexplot Python data analysis and visualization libraries.