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Kubeflow Workshop


The Arrikto Learn Kubeflow Workshop is geared towards MLOps Engineers and Data Scientists, who are responsible for rapidly delivering an efficient enterprise-grade ML platform using Kubeflow. The session will last approximately 4 hours and will feature a combination of PPT presentation, on screen demonstrations and hands-on labs facilitated by Kubeflow Community and technical training professionals from Arrikto. Arrikto is a core code contributor to Kubeflow and leads two of the six Kubeflow Working Groups.
Who is this presentation for?
MLOps Engineers & Data Scienitsts
Prerequisite knowledge:
Python, DS Basics
What you'll learn?
Kubeflow Overview ML Pipeline Building Integrated Data Management Hyperparameter Tuning


Josh is currently a Kubeflow Community Product Manager and a VP of Community Relations at Arrikto.  Since the Kubeflow v0.5 release (in 2019), Josh has helped to improve the Kubeflow user experience by triaging GitHub issues, running user surveys, gathering requirements, updating roadmaps, writing blog posts, and conducting demonstrations and presentations. Arrikto is a major code contributor to the open-source Kubeflow Community project.