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Predictive Analytics, Inventory Management, Machine Learning, Ecommerce


This talk will show you how to use customer data to amass the best possible inventory. We will demonstrate how to leverage big data technologies to analyze success and failure of different clothing styles, how to plan next season’s assortment by estimating the costs and opportunity of inventory. We’ll explore the relationship between breadth and depth in our assortment while analyzing trade-offs between personalization at scale and operational efficiency. Ultimately, we will demonstrate how to use customer data to create an exclusive data driven clothing.


At StitchFix, Paolo leads the Science Team and is responsible for the development of data mining models, machine learning algorithms and data analysis focusing on merchandise algorithms. Paolo was Director of Data science at Lattice Engines where he lead a team and engaged on many customer deployments. Prior to Lattice, Paolo was scientist at Stanford University where he collaborated with the Army High Performances Computing Research Center focusing on mathematical and computational modeling. Paolo holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics and MS in Physics from Politecnico of Milano, Italy.