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Enterprise Blockchain: Business Strategy to Platform Architecture


The architecture paradigm of Blockchain technology that was initially brought to life by Bitcoin, is now fueling crypto-economics which is already worth $500B+. As the entire ecosystem of industries across the world are figuring the move beyond the customary digital business to an era where decentralized, social consensus based distributed platforms form the core to a new business design, the talk will touch the real life applicability for the enterprises touching upon the macro principles of the 3 generations of Blockchain design philosophy, analyzing the protocols and platform architectures to lay the foreground for business innovation and showcase few success stories across FinTech and other wide-ranging industries.


Ravi is head of FinTech & Digital Product Innovation at Hexaware (one of the fastest growing global technology companies known for bringing disruptive tech culture). In this role he works with CxO stakeholders of fortune 500 companies and applies human-centered approach to innovation at the intersection of business, experience and technology. His technology focus areas include Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence where he applies the macro principles of technology to solve business problems. Ravi is a banking technology industry veteran with diverse specialization in digital technologies. He has architect-ed some of the most complex money transaction systems of several tier 1 banks, enabling state-of-the-art customer experience (CX) solutions. Ravi is an IBM Champion awardee for 2017, 2018 and is part of Rise Global FinTech Power 100 List. He is a regular speaker at several industry conferences, is actively involved in rendering expertise to the early stage startup community in NYC and is committed to bringing a positive disruption in the industry.