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Who Own's Your Health Data?


The Healthcare industry has been abuzz. From the recent data privacy concerns of Amazon's announcement, to the latest news about Apple allowing people to store their medical data on their phones, one thing is clear: there is a big shift in the way that health data is being managed and stored. Many people are not aware that our most important asset, our medical data, is scattered all over the place. Physicians, medical institutions, medical labs all have traces of our data. So, who really owns it and why is that important? Stanford Medicine X advocates that patients who have full access to their health data are more engaged and healthier. How do we take control over our medical data, then? The biggest obstacle remains our limited access to our own health records. My name is Raj Sharma and I founded Health Wizz to solve this problem and bring the locus of control back to the patient.


Raj Sharma is co-founder and chief executive officer of Health Wizz, a secure mobile platform that provides consumers with the necessary tools for aggregating, organizing and sharing medical health records over the blockchain. Prior to co-founding Health Wizz, Raj served as president of kreateIoT, a blockchain healthcare platform acquired by Health Wizz in 2016. An accomplished executive, Raj has over 20 years of leadership experience. A passionate entrepreneur, he has extensive expertise in product and market identification, data management and distributed applications. He served as the chief operations officer and president at 3CLogic, a provider of cloud contact center solutions. While in this role he successfully envisioned and led the implementation of the first distributed cloud based telecom platform serving the enterprise market. Raj was instrumental in taking the platform from conception to commercial success with hundreds of loyal customers. He also served as the president and chief executive officer at NexTone communications, during which time NexTone's annual sales grew from $4M to $23M. Raj holds an M.B.A. degree from the Stern School of Business at N.Y.U. and a Master of Science Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.