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Current Trends in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: Disruption or Deception?


There is a renewed sense of excitement and buzz associated with cryptocurrencies, ICOs,and blockchain technologies. This is counterbalanced to some extent by rising anxiety that is related to the extreme volatility of cryptocurrencies and the potential actions (or lack thereof) by regulatory authorities around the world and their implications for the ecosystem.

In this talk, I will discuss some of the key concepts involved and current trends. Several consortia such as the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), Hyperledger and R3 have been formed to catalyze the exploration and adoption of blockchain in the enterprise. I will highlight some of the recent developments in this area and engage in a discussion with the audience to prognosticate what the future might hold.


Dr. P. A. Subrahmanyam ("Subra") has been a Consulting Professor at Stanford University. At CyberKnowledge, he is also engaged in Strategy/technology consulting for startups, international corporations & investment firms, and has served in various executive roles including Executive Chairman, CEO, CTO and CSO. His current interests include blockchain, security, mobility, IoT & Big Data/analytics. He has been instrumental in crossnational initiatives in the areas of Security, Wireless Technology & Applications, Energy, and BioMedical informatics. Dr. Subrahmanyam has been a strategic advisor to the Dean/CSE at NTU (Singapore); he has also been a Faculty collaborator at UC Berkeley & the Berkeley Wireless Research Center. He has earlier been a Fellow at Princeton University, and held Visiting Professor/Advisory roles at ISI & NTU, and spent over a decade at Bell Laboratories. Dr. Subrahmanyam has authored over 200 technical papers, authored/coauthored/edited 5 books, received numerous awards, and has 13 international awarded/pending patents. He is the Founding Editor-in-Chief of Formal Methods in System Design, a premier journal in its field. He has also presented keynotes, tutorials and colloquia at conferences universities, & research laboratories worldwide.
Dr. Subrahmanyam has been a Chair/Co-Chair/member of several working groups, including Cloud Security Alliance Big Data WG; Cloud Infrastructure Security/Privacy & NIST SmartGrid working groups; the Wireless Innovation Forum (Handsets; Cognitive Radio); IFIP WG 10.2/10.5 on System Design & VLSI. He was the Chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on VLSI (92-97); a Distinguished Visitor of the IEEE Computer Society; and has served on several advisory boards, including the Princeton/New Jersey Center of Excellence for Embedded Systems and Systems-on-Chip design, IEEE, as well as boards of privately held corporations. Dr. Subrahmanyam is a Fellow of the IEEE.