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Decentralized Governance for the Masses


Bitnation is on target to deliver a decentralized governance solution with an emphasis upon the world's poorest citizens This translates to hundreds of millions to billions of people, living in rural and destitute urban areas, relying upon intermittent Internet access, utilizing inexpensive, low-performance mobile devices. The need is dire, so adoption will be swift: a quantification of market can simply derived by looking at what economies refer to as "shadow economies," which in the aggregate of citizens of greatest need totals tens of billions of USD. We are developing a solution that's mobile-based, and will serve the needs of these people. This imposes significant constraints that are of interest to all blockchain / decentralized developers, including, but not limited to: - resiliency - cost - performance - privacy - anonymity I will discuss the designs and approaches we have chosen to solve the technical barriers which exist before we can satisfy the needs of these citizens.


- Deep comprehension of security technology and competitive landscape - Experienced driving products from the definition to “go-to-market,” to EOL - A mature communicator with partners, peers and managers. - A effective presenter and strong in verbal and writing abilities - Prioritize product feature options based on market needs - Own revenue and profitability targets for the product line - Work with Product Marketing to develop appropriate launches and go-to-market models - 20+ years in Product Management/Product Owner - 25+ years experience in security, security industry - Experience in the area of security analytics, SIEM, standards-based metadata frameworks, FIM, SCM, VM, etc