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A Chain Reaction: Revolutionizing the Supply Chain with Blockchain


A focused walk-through of how Blockchain will dramatically transform traditional models of supply chain architecture, technology, and operations, with an emphasis on superfluid commerce, radical simplification of operating models, and the creation of entirely new classes of supply chain structures. Far beyond financial commerce, this presentation will highlight transformations to planning, procurement, manufacturing, order management and delivery, as well as post-sales support.


Joe is a part of Accenture Consulting’s Communications, Media & Technology Practice, based in San Francisco, focused on Strategy, Network, Process, and Resource transformation for a variety of industries, with an emphasis on High-Tech Manufacturing. He is Accenture's thought leader for Blockchain in Supply Chain, and is working on a variety of innovative Blockchain projects with their West Coast client base. His experience is focused in large-scale supply chain transformation of supply chain to meet critical business, customer, and financial objectives, leveraging leading-edge technology, balanced with pragmatic operational experience. With a background in High-Tech Supply Chain, and Supply Chain Research, he also has experience in IT, ERP, Heavy Manufacturing, Petrochemical, Defense, and other areas.