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Using the blockchain for causes that matter.


CAPITALusM is set to create a more sustainable, more equitable form of capitalism. We believe that by achieving a balanced relationship between corporations and their shareholders, CAPITALAusM calls them “citizen shareholders”, we not only will set the long term value versus the short term gains in favor of our planet but also will evolve the most successful economic model the world has known so far. Our solution is a platform designed to revolutionize corporate governance and improve the behavior of the corporations that dominate our world by better aligning their actions with the interests of their shareholders. Traditionally citizen shareholders had no voice at the table. Fund managers have conservatively executed their fiduciary responsibilities, focusing on short term financial returns to their fund. The platform is designed around distributed ledger technology. This allows for a system with an immutable audit trail, whilst preserving the privacy of the user. It allows citizen shareholders to safely, and efficiently vote their shares in one place, irrespective of which fund the shares are in or to which asset manager the fund belongs to.


Following his PhD in plasma physics, Dragos turned to data architecture and distributed systems. He has worked for a range of companies from Babylon Healthcare to Eurex, where he was VP of innovation. His knowledge and experience of operating complex financial markets in highly secure environments has been invaluable in designing the CAPITALusM platform.