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Personal data repositories: blockchain takes on Web 2.0.


With blockchain, the "stack" of identity, data storage/permissioning and applications will be disaggregated. This creates room for new decentralized platforms that consumers can use to capture, store and share all of their digital expression. The implications for disruption of Web 2.0 are significant.


Diego Espinosa EIR at Consensys; Founder, Linnia and Frontier Diego Espinosa founded Linnia a year ago after reversing his own borderline diabetes. In June 2017, he took his start-up to ConsenSys as their first healthcare "spoke. It later pivoted to become a platform for consumers to store and share all their personal data. At ConsenSys, Espinosa also founded Frontier, a decentralized crypto token research platform. He is passionate about longitudinal healthcare, network business models and bringing about Web3.0. In his previous life, Espinosa was a hedge fund manager, PM of a $10b Global Equity fund, Wall Street research director and #1-ranked securities analyst. He started his career as a strategy consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. Espinosa has a Wharton MBA and an MA from Johns Hopkins SAIS. His academic experience extends to teaching Finance at the University of San Diego, and he is also a published author on the Fed's role in the 2008 crisis.