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Blockchain-backed Bachelor's Degree for $1000


Teachur is a start up using blockchain technology to verify student mastery in order to challenge current university pricing structures. Currently, the average bachelor's degree costs $120,000, and the average student graduates with $35,000 in debt. But there aren't credible alternatives to compete, so prices keep going up. Meanwhile, most of the info for a degree is free or cheap on line. We believe the blockchain can challenge the college pricing system, and in fact exposes some central flaws to the current university model and accreditation standards. Teachur is live, enrolling students, and is offering a bachelor's degree for $1000.


Ben Blair holds is a Co-Founder of, a blockchain-based educational technology platform. Teachur is live and is offering a bachelor's degree for $1000. He holds a PhD in philosophy and education from Teachers College, Columbia University, and is the author of the book "How to Earn a Philosophy Degree for $1000".