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Triple Bottom Line (3BL) Ledger and Tokenization


3BL Blockchain is about autonomously distributing & driving: mindfulness, adaptation and excitement for the simultaneous and parallel bottom lines of PEOPLE | PLANET | PROFIT. We draw from practice with: Social Performance Task Force universal standard Circles of Sustainability (Proof Circles) United Nations Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)


Babar Yousuf pioneered award winning mobile-microfinance to a market size of 180 million unbanked, with Tameer aka Telenor Bank. Invited to speak on these innovations at the United Nations. In 2017 Yousuf introduced Pineapple, the first Triple Bottom Line (3BL) consensual ledger for people, planet and wealth. In this social blockchain, non-technical users can mine coin with the actions comment, like, share and follow.