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Blockchain Marketing


Blockchain Marketing means two things. 1. How blockchain as a technology can be useful for Marketing. And 2, how to market a blockchain project.

We will cover the two aspects. First, How marketing tech companies are using blockchain as a technology to disrupt facebook and google as marketing giants. And then second, we will see how to market a blockchain project. How to make a successful ICO and beyond that, on how to engage as many users as possible for a blockchain project.


Arnaud Auger Sengupta is passionate about blockchain, an open innovation consultant, and a marketing expert. Arnaud works as a senior advisor for L’Atelier BNP Paribas in San Francisco; he helps large organizations embrace innovation including blockchain and work with startups. He helped then global leaders in the healthcare, mobility, retail and financial services industries to understand, see the potential and initiate projects involving blockchain technologies. As a marketer with ten years experience, Arnaud also launched the world first podcast about blockchain marketing. During his show, he interviews marketers of blockchain companies to share their uniques challenges and solutions and founders of marketing tech companies using blockchain. Author of Facebook Marketing, he was one of the first to describe the revolution that social media has been in marketing, he is now convinced that blockchain can have at least the same impact.