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Cybersecurity Data: From Linear Chains to Regulatory Compliance


From the origins of the linear chain in molecular biology to understanding the concepts of immunology, Sanjay will describe the larger context of cybersecurity in healthcare and the life sciences for governance and regulatory compliance. With each end-point as a node within a cybersecurity context, Naveen will then describe the linear chain process for connections, data exploration and an API gateway; a direct end-point connection scheme; and a brief introduction to streams. The use of this process in a Risk and Privacy Operations use-case for Regulatory Compliance would be summarized.
Who is this presentation for?
All audiences in technology.
Prerequisite knowledge:
No major prerequisites assumed.
What you'll learn?
Large-scale enterprise management of risk, cybersecurity, and operations using data analytics based on a novel data collection architecture for enterprises.


Naveen Goela is a senior data scientist at Tanium with expertise in enterprise-wide data analysis and product development in the categories of risk, cybersecurity, and operations management. With an education in statistics and computer science from UC Berkeley (Ph.D. 2013) and MIT (M.E. 2004, B.S. 2003), he has contributed to engineering teams within startup companies and larger advanced technology companies. As a member of both academic and industrial research labs, he has a track-record of publications in theory and practical systems. He was awarded the U.S. National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship (2007-2010), the Qualcomm "ImpaQt" Award (2014); and the Technicolor Research Visionary Award (2017) for the research and development of patented technologies. His current interests lie at the intersection of statistics, data science, machine learning, and computer science.