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Multi-tiered digital twins with what-if analysis and predictions


The COVID-19 pandemic has severely disrupted supply chains globally, and the economic impact of these disruptions are expected to be felt for several months to come. Supply chain planners and managers are having to deal with erratic demand from customers, coupled with an uncertain supply of materials to fulfil said demand. Faced with such challenges, it is imperative that supply chain professionals have extended visibility into their supply networks, along with a cohesive system to bring together supply data from vendors, manufacturing plan (factories, warehouses, orders, shipments and a bill of materials) & demand signals from customers. This virtual representation of the supply chain, also known as a Digital Twin, operates on both historical as well as real-time signals and provides end-to-end visibility and enables us to model the supply chain as a connected network. AI can empower supply chain professionals by coupling the Digital Twin with a powerful framework to simulate the impact of various real-world problems, such as unexpected port closures, weather phenomena, on the connected multi-tier supply chain, by measuring changes on relevant KPIs. In addition, by leveraging historical data and predictive modelling, the AI framework can also recommend best mitigation strategies to employ to minimize the impact of said disruptions. By integrating alerting mechanisms with such predictive models allows the system to proactively alert the planners of an impending risk or disruption event with an early warning, and appropriate mitigation procedures can be put in place. This is key to building resilient and agile supply chains. In this session, we will discuss how such AI solutions are being built, and how AI is ready to radically transform supply chain management.
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Supply Chain Planners & Managers


Mayank Shrivastava is an AI Leader within the Business Applications Group at Microsoft. He & his team build and drive adoption of state-of-the-art AI models and their applications for solving challenging problems to drive Digital Transformation faced by enterprises.