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Why Deep Learning is driving demand for Human in the Loop


Even among veteran data scientists, experience managing human in the loop projects is relatively rare. Deep Learning has fueled a massive increase in the demand for these kinds of projects. In this presentation, we'll explore why this is happening and why human in the loop is important. We will also discuss some of the technical concerns, specifically how to address quality control while managing large data annotation teams. Finally, we'll explore some of the most common use cases and what are the most likely high demand areas for this work in coming years.
Who is this presentation for?
ML Modelers but also their management
Prerequisite knowledge:
Some general familiarity with AI & ML modeling
What you'll learn?
Why has Human in the Loop grown important and what are the implications for the industry


Keith is CloudFactory’s Chief Data Science Advisor. He's also an author, LinkedIn Learning contributor, university instructor, and conference speaker.