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Augmenting Human Intelligence in Healthcare: The Next Disruptive Innovation


Healthcare is the major sector experiencing the benefits of AI however waste and inefficiency permeate every level of the system, trickling down into patient care priorities and initiatives. Robotic process automation ( RPA ) is a solution to streamline business processes and reduce time spent on repetitive, routine tasks. However, RPA alone isn’t enough to transform how healthcare functions so it needs to be combined with more advanced AI capabilities for more intelligent automation that generates actionable insights to untangle complexity so clinicians can focus better on applying tools that improve diagnoses and treatment.
I this session Steve Ardire, AI startup advisor 'force multiplier' will outline how the pace of AI-augmented healthcare innovation is only accelerating and why this is exciting time for fostering Intelligence-Based Medicine™

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C level people and knowledge workers
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open mind
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AI startup advisor 'force multiplier' who shapes serendipity by connecting and illuminating the dots that matter ( aka 'The Merchant of Light' ) leveraging deep relationship capital with recognized personal brand. Developing a ‘serendipity mindset’ is active process of spotting, connecting, and illuminating the dots that matter to create smart luck where sagacity and tenacity are required on follow through to create positive outcomes. Steve has advised 30 AI startups past 8 years in #futureofwork, #augmentedintelligence #emotionAI #healthcare #enterpriseAI and specializes in working with underdog, underestimated, under appreciated early stage AI startups balancing business strategy with smart execution for product market fit, pitch guidance, close funding in multiplexed bus dev, marketing, sales fractional C level role to scale smarter, faster, and better.