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Building ML Deployment Platform


AI/ ML is used across industries and while a lot of emphasis has been made on data preparation and building models, the actual model deployment is not as widely discussed. There are common challenges that companies across the industries face while deploying these models. In this talk, we will discuss some of these challenges and capabilities needed to build a ML deployment platform that provides a seamless and impactful experiences for all its stakeholders Key Takeaways: *Common challenges in ML deployment *ML platform capabilities needed to provide seamless and impactful experiences across stakeholders *Tools and deployment strategies used in ML deployment
Who is this presentation for?
Product Leaders Data Scientists ML Engineers


Sid is a Platform Manager at Capital One. He leads the ML Deployment Platform used for deploying acquisition models for Capital One’s Card business. Sid started his career as a Software Engineer and later worked as a Management Consultant advising Fortune 100 clients on growth and product strategy. Sid holds an MBA from Emory University, Atlanta.