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AI in Healthcare - Enriched Patient Care


Edge computing and Edge cloud have given new dimensions to bring the AI running near to consumers. The exploitation of mobile devices further empowers nearby computing resources in Edge computing. Mobile devices can perform simultaneously as customers and providers of the services with integration from cloud infrastructure. Running AI on consumer devices seems to be a huge focus for IT giants. Immense research and explorations are running to penetrate mobile edge computing. Security and privacy feature on mobile phones acts as edge computing by simply encrypting and storing biometric information on the device. It offloads tons of security concerns from the centralized cloud. This session focuses on edge computing usage for enriched patient care and how AI can be applied on mobile applications while communicating to connected healthcare devices.
Who is this presentation for?
CTO/CIO Business and Technology managers
Prerequisite knowledge:
Basic knowledge of Edge computing
What you'll learn?
Edge computing and Edge cloud. Their usage on healthcare industry for patient care.


Raghvendra is a Technical Thought Leader and an author of the books, articles, and papers on latest technologies / frameworks with recognized publishers. He’s intimately knowledgeable in design & development for enterprise solutions, products, as well as cloud innovations that can be used to maximize the benefits of modern technology.