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Big data & AI development for breast cancer detection solutions


AI is already transforming the way doctors detect, diagnose and treat breast cancer (the most common type of cancer among women). Leveraging state-of-the-art Deep Learning models trained on large numbers of highly curated radiologic images and clinical data, we are developing and integrating a wide range of AI solutions to improve healthcare delivery efficiency and patient's clinical outcomes.
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Broad range of real life use cases, opportunities and challenges of AI for breast cancer early diagnosis and treatment


Mario Lois is the Global Head & Senior Director of Artificial Intelligence for GE Healthcare Women's Health business. In this role Mario leads GE Healthcare’s global strategy and efforts to develop and apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) into world-class solutions that improve screening, diagnosis and treatment of Breast Cancer (the most common cancer among women). Mario brings a wealth of experience with a solid background across science, clinical applications, global product management and strategic business leadership. He started his career in 1998 in the ultrasound diagnostic imaging industry, mainly focused on advanced image analysis and quantification technologies at HP Medical, and shortly after at Philips Healthcare global headquarters in Andover, MA (US). Mario joined GE Healthcare in 2003, and since then has held various leadership roles at global and European level, including Europe General Manager for Vscan, EMEA Business/Product Manager for Compact Echocardiography, Global Director of Product Management, etc. More recently, in his prior role as Global General Manager for GE Healthcare Education Services, he established the team and strategy to transform and digitize GE Healthcare’s customer education solutions, developing new digital platforms and innovative data-driven analytics for equipment utilization and outcomes optimization. Mario holds an advanced degree in Theoretical Physics from Universidad Autonoma in Madrid (Spain), a certificate in Strategic Management from Harvard University in Cambridge, MA (US), and a recent specialization in Deep Learning from Dr. Andrew Ng’s