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Demand Sensing - A Supply Chain Planning Game Changer


In today’s fast changing business world, traditional forecasting techniques using historical sales patterns are unable to capture the impact of other variables on sales demand and fail to predict sales demand accurately. Harnessing technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & NLP changes the game. These technologies help capture data from sources rarely used and enable the system to ‘learn’ historical demand patterns, resulting in more accurate forecasts. The Demand Sensing processes a variety of internal & external variables likely to impact sales demand, such as promotions, price, weather, strikes, lockdowns, competitor pricing etc., to train ML models. Using NLP to collect a wide variety of unstructured data, the trained models are then used to predict sales demand with greater accuracy over the immediate future.
Who is this presentation for?
Data Scientists, AI/ML Practitioners
Prerequisite knowledge:
Functional knowledge of Supply Chain Planning, General understanding of Machine Learning Algorithms
What you'll learn?


Abhishek Das is a Senior Data Scientist at Aptus Data Labs who gained expertise and experience in various facets of Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning across various Industry verticals. As an Analytics team lead, he ensures all project commitments and requirements are delivered on time and exceeds stakeholder expectations. He has technical expertise in Data Science, Data Quality, Data Visualizations, SQL, SAS, R, and Python. Prior to joining Aptus Data Labs, he has worked with HSBC and few start-ups on various data analytics business use cases. He has completed a Post Graduate Program in Big Data Analytics and Optimization from the International School of Engineering and a Masters in VLSI Design. He is passionate about teaching and mentoring Data Science enthusiasts and trained 700+ experienced professionals/ students and assisted them to successfully switch to the Data Science industry. In his spare time, he sketches and does abstract arts. He won all art competitions ever participated in.