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Keynote Panel : AI from Investment perspective


Keynote Panel : AI from Investment perspective


Sudhir Kadam is a Venture Partner at FYDA Growth Partners, and a start-up advisor with six successful startup exits in Telecom CRM, Location-based Apps, Video Streaming, Fraud Analytics, IIoT for Transportation, and Cloud Workload Protection (acquired by McAfee in 2019). He has been on the founding and executive team of startups that have gone from zero to $100M in revenue. 
At FYDA Growth Partners his role is to put startups with early adoption on GTM steroids through their network of corporate connections to provide startups with customer and market access, preparing them to scale into thriving businesses and rewarding exits. 
FYDA’s portfolio focus is on B2B Frontier Tech startups in AI/NLP, AR/VR, Computer Vision, IIoT, Robotics, Wellness Tech, Tele-operations, Digital Identity, and Payment Tech. However, FYDA welcomes unconventional, path-breaking, startups that don’t fall into any of these categories.
Sudhir also conducts workshops on corporate innovation, and helps establish innovation channel for large corporations, through engagements with startups, accelerators, and research labs to license, acquire, or invest in new technology initiatives. He is also an adjunct Prof for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at SJSU for professional MBA and EMBA programs.