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Dynamic pricing: Latest trends and evolution in the age of AI


Dynamic pricing supported by AI and behavioral science can help companies gain a competitive advantage. In this session we address best practices, discuss societal dimensions and explore new frontiers in personalization.
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In his current role as Head of Data Science & Engineering at Simon Kucher, Rogan has global responsibility for building out advanced analytics capability across the organization. During the past 20 years, Rogan has gained experience working in the financial services industry at 2 of Canada’s big 5 banks. He has held a variety of roles including: data science, finance, business analytics, direct marketing, and project management. Projects have covered a wide range of topics, including building analytical pricing solutions (and software) for retail banking products (and some non-retail too); implementing a matched maturity funding methodology in treasury; developing behavioural analytics to support structural interest rate risk decisions; optimizing the duration of equity; an online deposits acquisition; retail distribution strategy; commercial banking cash flow forecasting; utilizing network analytics for mortgage fraud detection; direct marketing offer optimization, and many more. Rogan attended McMaster University where he completed both a Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering, with a focus on fluid mechanics; as well as, a Co-op Masters of Business Administration in Finance, specializing in Financial Engineering.