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Workshop: Deep Dive into Computer Vision: CNN + Object Detection + GANS.


Covid - 19 pandemic saw an increase in lot automation and document intelligence work. A lot of companies are moving towards finding intelligent solutions for detecting objects and reading documents. There were lot of lane detection and mask detection solutions deployed which used object detection techniques. This workshop is an introduction to CNN architecture, different object detection methods and applications, and Generative Adverserial Networks (GANS). At the end of workshop,the participants will have an understanding of computer vision architectures, and their applications.


I am a principal data scientist at Capital One. Prior to that, I worked at Ericsson as a data scientist. I completed my master's from New York University from an Urban Data Science program in 2018. I moved to the Bay Area in 2018 and before that, I worked in different NYU research labs (NYU Urban Observatory, NYU Audio Lab, etc.). Before moving to New York, I lived in Hong Kong for 5 years, where I did my bachelors from Hong Kong University of Science & Tech (HKUST) in Environmental Technology and Computer Science and later worked in HKUST- Deutsche Telecom Systems and Media lab (an Augmented Reality and Computer Vision focused lab) as a Research Assistant.