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Kubeflow-based ML Model Risk Management with streamlined SR11-7 compliance


The lack of updated compliance reporting for machine learning models frequently blocks profitable models from being deployed. Financial organizations need a process to produce reports and artifacts for governmental regulators, such as those defined in the Federal Reserve’s SR11-7 Guidance on Model Risk Management. In this workshop, attendees will receive a valuable briefing of Model Risk Management’s background, requirements and benefits as well as how AI ethics apply to Financial organizations. The second section of the workshop will provide an update on Kubeflow, which is a popular open source MiP framework for machine learning on Kubernetes. The final section will review a demonstration of Fairly’s Model Risk Management system, which leverages Kubeflow and provides a streamlined user experience for deploying models and producing compliance reports that will satisfy SR-117 requirements.
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David Van Bruwaene is the CEO and co-founder of Fairly AI Inc.