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Startup Pitch: Data Autoclassification and Geofencing


At its core, i2Chain is an emerging SaaS provider of secure information exchange with complete and cryptographically verifiable information and lifecycle management. Individual users can engage i2Chain’s services through a few simple methods including a convenient eMail add-in and Web Portal. Corporations can take advantage of additional enhancements including: • Single Sign-on federated authentication with their existing and “step-up” identify management systems (I.e., Microsoft-AD) • Integration with their folder/file repositories (I.e., Microsoft-SharePoint,, network shares, Google Drive, etc.) with zero-click automated encryption and lifecycle management based on pre-defined information classifications, permissions, and allowed behavior profiles. • A comprehensive portfolio of API calls with easy-to-use SDKs to simplify their direct application integration. Controls and security travel with the files across usage-domains, clouds and repositories making them self-defending regardless of edge protections. I2Chain’s patented technology takes advantage of the industry-leading capabilities of Amazon Web Services including: • AWS Key Management Service (KMS). KMS is a FIPS 140-2 validated service used to create and manage cryptographic keys and control across a wide range of environments and applications. • Amazon Cognito: Cognito is a SAML 2.0 and OpenID-Connect compliant service enabling simple and secure user sign-up, sign-in, and access-control across clouds and other social identity providers. • Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB). A high-performance ledger database that provides a complete and cryptographically verifiable history of all changes made to information. Like traditional Block-Chain technologies QLDB provides immutability and verifiability change history. Unlike traditional Block-Chain (designed to be decentralized and service multiple untrusted participants) QLDB is 2x-3x faster, highly scalable, secure, resilient, and purpose-built for individual trusted applications like i2Chain. The Value Proposition: Today’s business processes outsource significant core functionality and share sensitive information with 3rd parties and subprocessors extending well beyond corporate, national and jurisdictional boundaries. Often this shared information contains highly regulated Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Personal Health Information (PHI). Cloud-First and Cloud-Only corporate information environments are borderless and without traditional “castle walls” ensuring the safety of the valuable “squishy” assets on the inside. Corporations often cast their information out across the Internet without adequate safeguards and lifecycle management introducing unnecessary risk to Intellectual Property, Regulatory Compliance, Corporate Brand and Revenue. In this New World Information and Identity Paradigm, individuals and corporations need to ensure a key aspects of their data whether they are the originator, owner or recipient: • Is the information I receive authentic and can I trust its origins? • Has my information been tampered with or fallen into unintended hands? • What is the chain of custody of this information? • Can I track, control, revoke, expire my information once I send it? • Can I be notified of the use of my information out in the world? • Can I guarantee and track the compliant use of my information? This is what i2Chain does.
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Dave Swan is SVP and CISO at i2Chain, a Secure Data Sharing and Lifecycle Solution. Prior to i2Chain I have held various VP IT, CIO, InfoSec Officer, Data Protection Officer positions in small/medium/large enterprises in the High-tech, Semiconductor and Biotech Sectors. Degrees from UVM in Computer Science and Physics. Most recent focus areas (aside from running corporate IT) are CyberSecurity and Compliance (I.e. SoX, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, etc)