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Tutorial on Recommender System and Personalization: from Theory to Practice


The workshop will walk through the theory of recommender systems, well-known algorithms, and how to put them to practice.
Agenda includes the following contents (with theory presentations and hands-on exercises)
Environment set up
Collaborative Filtering
Nearest Neighbor Algorithms
Evaluation Metrics
Matrix Factorization Algorithms
Content-based Recommendation
Wide and Deep
(Field-aware) Factorization Machine (FM / FFM)
Bayesian Personalization Ranking (BPR)
Neural Collaborative Filtering (NCF)
Latest Advancements


Dr. Zhang is an experienced machine learning engineer and data scientist proficient in solving high-impact business problems. He is currently a Staff Machine Learning Engineer at Sony PlayStation, leading the machine learning efforts behind the PlayStation 5 launch, which is the most successful PlayStation launch and the biggest console launch of all time.  He is leading multiple projects in PlayStation, from recommendations, spam detections, in-game optimizations to machine learning platforms. Prior to PlayStation, he was the Director of Data Science at Integral Ad Science, a leading online media data verification company, where he leads the data science team behind one of the core verification products.  He also worked for Dstillery, a programmatic digital intelligence advertising company. He was a member of an award-winning Robotics team, winning multiple awards in Robocup competitions. He has multiple patents and publications for his work on a wide range of topics. He received his Ph.D. from Stern Business School of New York University.