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machine learning, Big Data, IoT


In this talk, we will share our lesson learned in developing and deployment of our data enabled products; smart connected HVAC equipment; We will discuss challenges in applying machine learning for risk modeling and optimal maintenance schedule recommendation.


Youngchoon Park is a VP of Platform and Data Science in Johnson Controls, Inc. Currently; he is building data products and associated services and develops the technology strategy. He has built few data enabled products and solutions including connected smart chiller and GLAS, and involved in many real-life intelligent building management and smart surveillance systems that leverage many machine learning and data analytics. Dr. Park's major research interests are machine learning, data analytics, distributed multimedia computing, content-based information processing, and enterprise application integration. He is an author of “Building an Effective IoT Ecosystem for Your Business”, and a frequent contributor of articles in his area of interests and actively participate many international conferences, standard organizations. He is a member of IEEE, and ACM and holds a Ph.D and a M.S from Arizona State University in Computer Science.