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DAO Apps on Blockchain


Decentralized autonomous organization ( DAO ) that exists solely on the blockchain, can do anything that a simple account would be able to. The organization has a central manager that decides who are the members and the voting rules, but as we'll see, this can also be changed.
The way this particular democracy works is that it has an Owner which works like an administrator, CEO or a President. The Owner can add (or remove) voting members to the organization. Any member can make a proposal, which is in the form of an ethereum transaction to either send ether or execute some contract, and other members can vote in support or against the proposal.
In this session,we will  review DAO concepts at first. Then, we will review how DAO apps are built from scratch.

We will review code samples and build a REACT app that transacts on blockchain.

DAO apps are untapped gems of blokchain ecosystem. They carry huge potential for future of IT.



Sunil Sabat is currently founder and CEO of The Binayak Group (TBG ).  He works with clients on data integration, data security and multi cloud enterprise deployment  matters. Before founding TBG, he was Senior director at BiGID, leading data privacy solution provider. Before BigID, he was director of Product Management at Protegrity Inc  where he managed  Big Data and Cloud products. Under his leadership, Protegrity big data products  were released  on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Before Protegrity, he worked at Informatica as Principal Product Manager and Technical Alliance Manager.  He has worked at Startups, Intel, IBM and Cadence before. He  has MS ( Comp Eng), MS ( Comp Sc. ) and MBA. He is Salesforce, AWS, IBM, CompTIA  and Microsoft certified. He has spoken at Intel, IBM, Global Big Data, Silicon Valley Code Camp and many other conferences in past. He has taught at  Santa Clara University as adjunct faculty as well. His big data blog is available  at