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Workshop: NLP
Workshop: Frameworks galore..Which one to pick


NLP Workshop:
Machine learning is gaining tremendous traction. Stock market prediction, analyzing weather data, gaining better sense of sales data, etc are some of the problems that are being solved in machine learning. Here one uses numbers to train and predict a machine learning model.
But there is a huge focus on processing text to extract wisdom. Natural Language Processing (NLP) has made tremendous progress in processing text in the recent past. Question-answering, topic modeling, summarization, sentiment analyses, spam email detection, auto-response to emails, medical diagnosis, are few of the many problems that are being solved using NLP.

This workshop will try to achieve the following objectives: 
(i) Novices: Introduce NLP   
(ii) Intermediate: enhance the insights into NLP and sub topics
(iii) Experts: sharpen the skills in sub topics  
NLP Workshop:
(1) ML and NLP fundamentals
(2) Neural networks, RNN, LSTMs, GRUs.
(3) Question answering, topic modeling, sentiment analyses, summarization and language translation
(4) NLP frameworks. Intro to Tensorflow, Keras, Caffe
(5) Word embeddings, word2vec, glove, language modeling
(3) Define an NLP problem statement 
(4) Implement the model; download the dataset, train the model and test the model
(5) Define next steps to continue NLP learning

Topic: How organizations can get ready for AI?

AI is transforming industries. Many CXOs have realized the benefits of AI and many of them want to take the organization towards AI.

Here are some questions some have. What is AI? How to prepare to understand AI better? Does my org. need AI? What “components” of AI do I need? How to get talent? How to upgrade the skills of my current team? What challenges can I work on? Do I need the help of consultants? What hardware and software additions do I need to make to my infrastructure? What are the stumbling blocks?

How did other orgs do? What are the Dos and Don’ts? Will people loose jobs? How do I manage communication with my teams? How to find “message block holes” in my org?

These are some of the question CXOs and the organizations are struggling to answer.

I would like to discuss practical approaches to cross the chasm of AI. I will also share some examples and checklists that could be used by orgs. I will try to layout a practical approach on how organizations can transform.

This is for those CXOs, executives and Group manager that are interested in AI. This will also help organizations set up the right AI strategy.



SK is an AI expert, a successful twice startup entrepreneur, speaks regularly to audiences around the globe and is an AI blogger. His roles include Chief Product Officer, Chief Data Scientist, VP, etc., in large and small corporations. Rutgers University invited him to be on their Board for Big Data.  
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