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Revolutionizing enterprise applications: Making Procurement awesome with AI and Machine Learning


Imagine a future where the use of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and advanced cognitive analytics can make enterprise software solutions smarter, faster and more intelligent. Where ordering parts can be as simple as exchanging text messages with your intelligent digital assistant. Where your procurement systems can assist you to create a comprehensive contract based on your commodity or region. Or where you can detect supplier risk even before an incident, and plan for alternatives That future is NOW. Learn how SAP Ariba is leveraging cognitive technologies such as AI, Machine learning, NLP to make these scenarios a reality – so you can focus on your business and drive better outcomes.


A senior executive, Shivani’s expertise lies in driving revenues and growing new business. At SAP Ariba, she is responsible for advanced topics such as Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Shivani joined SAP as part of the Corporate Strategy Group and has played an instrumental role in building SAP’s business in key growth areas including mobile, big data and analytics. Prior to SAP, Shivani worked at Agile software, leading the company’s expansion into new markets and played an instrumental role in Oracle’s acquisition of the company. She has previously also worked in two successful startups and began her career in Management Consulting, with Andersen. She has an undergraduate from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, and a Master’s from Princeton University. In addition to her work, Shivani is passionate about education, environment and energy.