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AI Personas - The Next Step in the AI Revolution


Software may be eating the world, but the truth is that software fragmentation is overwhelming the enterprise. The next step in the AI revolution is the humanization of software, which will lead, ironically, to the its democratization.


Mr. Scott Noteboom founded LitBit, Co. in 2013 and has been its Chief Executive Officer since September 2013. Mr. Noteboom has global experience of having led development and operations of many of the world's largest and most innovative data centers, which have served companies including: Apple, Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft. His experience using innovative approaches to navigate complex infrastructure challenges globally help LitBit as it focuses on developing a platform that bridges both AI and IoT in the next phase of the AI revolution. Mr. Noteboom served as head of infrastructure strategy & development at Apple. He served as Vice President of Operations at Yahoo!, where he led design, development and operation of its global production infrastructure. He served as Senior Director of Data Centers at AboveNet, where he led operations of its global data center colocation portfolio. Throughout his career, he is credited with several notable innovations, grants and patents in the high efficiency infrastructure space.