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Machine Learning (ML) and automation for the rest of us (Small/Medium Established Businesses)


The AI, ML and RPA revolution need not pass you by if you are a small or medium sized established business. This talk presents a use case where a small established accounts receivable service and product business (Hawes Group) has effectively used natural language processing, voice analytics, ensembles, process automation tools and more to support key business functions and foster growth. The talk will outline strategies and methods an established SMB can use to benefit from the plethora of innovations this electrifying industry is delivering. Topics will include: effectively scoping the landscape of options; strategies for estimating business value of projects and prioritizing possible opportunities; methods a SMB can use to find resources; and more.


Rich Jolly is the VP of Data Science at Hawes Group (services and software products for accounts receivable). Rich’s has a diverse background with over 10 years in analytics as well as over 10 years in business and finance strategy. Rich has a PhD in systems science as well as an MBA.