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AI to the Rescue: Protecting Devices from PC to Mobile to IoT


Security is the only domain where AI is faced with a truly adversarial opponent – the human being ! It is hugely challenging and exciting for AI researchers to pit their brains against blackhats, whose entire profit depends on evading the algorithms. I will discuss the evolution of Machine Learning for protecting devices, in the following three contexts: (1) Malware detection in the cloud, (2) Behavioral analysis on mobiles, (3) IoT security in the network.


Rajarshi Gupta works at Avast Security as VP, Data Science. Rajarshi has a Phd in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and formerly worked at Qualcomm Research and a couple of startups in Silicon Valley. His expertise is at the intersection of Machine Learning, Networking and Cyber Security. Rajarshi loves to work on innovative problems, and has authored over 225 U.S. Patents.