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Marketing language optimization using NLP: Deploying high impact copy that maximizes ROI.


- Advertisers have 3 key optimization levers in their marketing campaigns: (1) Who to target?, (2) Which marketing channel to use (email, social, etc)? and (3) What message to send? - All levers are equally important in driving marketing ROI, but more attention is given to Targeting (#1) and Channel mix (#2) decisions than to Messaging Copy & Content (#3) - The realization that marketing language can be improved using Data Science is a concept that is beginning to catch on in the advertising industry - In this talk we demonstrate how Fortune 100 advertisers are successfully using cutting edge NLP techniques to optimize their marketing language and significantly improve marketing ROI


A consultative data science leader who leverages multi-industry expertise and statistical rigor to deliver data-driven solutions for a variety of business problems. Currently head up Data Science & Analytics for a leading Agency + Martech firm.