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How to enable AI to achieve business ROI


We are in the midst of the very beginnings of a new, 4th, industrial revolution — the Artificial Intelligence Revolution. Technology teams and companies that understand the power and opportunity of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and build their organizations around it, will survive and win. Those who don’t, are predicted to get shredded. In this session, we present compelling case studies from Fortune 500 companies with whom we have worked and advised, who have successfully reshaped their organization to be a data-driven organization in this new era. In this session, we will offer a framework and tools so that you and your team can avoid common mistakes and be in a better position to adapt to this AI Revolution.


"I'm helping organizations become nimble and data-driven so they can unlock all the opportunities to survive this exciting Artificial Intelligence Industrial Revolution." Nir Kaldero is the Head of Data Science and the Program Director of the GalvanizeU Master’s of Science in Data Science program. A tireless advocate for transforming education and reshaping the field of data science, Nir's vision and mission is to make an impact on a wide variety of communities through education, science, and technology. Among Nir's many achievements, he has been the chief developer of the Data Science for Executive Training program. The program was designed to train senior executives to be more familiar with data science and the potential impact it could have on their organization. Nir has been named an IBM Analytics Champion 2017, a prestigious honor given to leaders in the field of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Nir is frequently featured as a Keynote speaker at conferences and other data-science related industry events across the world.