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How to extract value from the internet of things


Internet of things (IoT) devices allow businesses to capture data as never before, but too many products fail to deliver real value for customers.  This presentation examines the trends in big data that underpin IoT and explains how to turn IoT data into value.  Specifically, the 20-80 Rule of Big Data has the opposite effect of the 80-20 Rule (Paretto Principle) for conventional systems.  You’ll come away from this talk with a framework to deliver real value to your customers.


Mike Vladimer is the Co-Founder of the IoT Studio at Orange Silicon Valley, the innovation strategy office for Orange, one of Europe’s biggest telecommunications operators. Previously, he was Director of Business Development at Neura, an internet-of-things (IoT) startup. Mike holds an MBA from UC Berkeley and an MS Electrical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon. Follow him on Twitter @MikeVladimer.