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Blockchain Workshop


Abstract: Smart contracts have the potential to change the way in which applications are built within the enterprise. Allowing business users to take part in the creation of blockchain applications will fast track the way these business networks are created and used. The business can obtain capabilities such as the provenance of all transactions in their network, the ability to drastically reduce fraudulent transactions, and the creation of a secure, immutable audit trail. Join this session to learn about blockchain concepts, and experience the building blocks that can be used by IT and the business to create their own blockchain business networks. We will use various Hyperledger blockchain projects to create a blockchain business network, and then augment this network with integration and digital process applications via TIBCO Cloud Integration and LiveApps. This will allow users to interact with the blockchain from a cloud based business process application, and expose the network's capabilities to external parties.


Mike has been working in the Business Process, Case and Document Management industry for most of his life. He has called TIBCO Software home for over 17 years. In the last year he has been studying and using blockchain technology to enable processes that spans organizations. BPM and SOA allows companies to get more out of their existing software investments. Blockchain will extend the reach of processes from single organizations to processes that spans multiple organizations like supply chains.