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Zillow: AI in Real Estate


Zillow, the nation’s number-one real estate website and mobile app, pioneered providing access to unprecedented information about the housing market. Long gone are the days when you needed an agent to get comparables and prior sale and listing data. With more data, data science has enabled many more use cases - such as personalization, ad targeting, Zestimates, and 3D tours / virtual reality. Jasjeet Thind explores Zillow’s big data platform and core machine-learning algorithm that are changing real estate.


Jasjeet Thind is the vice president of data science and engineering at Zillow. His group focuses on machine-learned prediction models and big data systems that power use cases such as Zestimates, personalization, housing indices, search, content recommendations, and user segmentation. Prior to Zillow, Jasjeet served as director of engineering at Yahoo, where he architected a machine-learned real-time big data platform leveraging social signals for user interest signals and content prediction. The system powers personalized content on Yahoo, Yahoo Sports, and Yahoo News. Jasjeet holds a BS and master’s degree in computer science from Cornell University.