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Getting Started With TensorFlow


Bring your laptops and get started with TensorFlow! In this workshop, you will get an introduction using TensorFlow. We will go through the basics, and by the time we are finished, you will know how to build models on your own. Prerequisites: Either install TensorFlow on your own computer. Alternatively, we will also provide Google Cloud instances of TensorFlow that you can use (no installation required). If you have a Google Cloud account, we can also share a TensorFlow cloud image that you can use.


Magnus Hyttsten is a Developer Advocate for TensorFlow @ Google. He works on developing the TensorFlow product, creating developer materials, and supporting the developer community. Magnus is a developer fanatic, and an appreciated speaker at major industry events such as Google I/O, The AI Summit, AI Conference, ODSC, and MWC on machine learning and mobile development . Right now, he is focusing on effective model inference for Mobile as well as Reinforcement Learning models.