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How to hire the best 'cultural fit' without asking a single question (HR Use-case) & How to predict buying pattern beyond the current CRM data (e-Commerce Use-case)?


Enterprises loose 31B USD due to bad-hires (culturally unfit candidates) and 200+B USD due to poor recommendation engines (e-commerce sites). The reason why this problem is happening is simple- lack of understanding the true personality of the users to predict appropriate outcomes. Through 3 plus intense research we have come out with a unique way to tap into the subconscious mind of users through images to yield very powerful results. The talk is intended to share this unique method with a DEMO and our implementation use-cases in Human Resource and e-commerce verticals


Entrepreneur, Cartoonist and Proud Father - Founder of B2B AI venture that can tap into the subconscious mind of humans to yield very powerful results. Extensive experience in Product Management/ Marketing/ Sales Ops background from Cisco, AMD and SixSigma (Startup). Double Masters in Engineering from StateUniversityof NewYork and SanJoseStateUniversity & MBA (continuing studies) from Stanford University.