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AI-Guided Product-Market Fit for AI Innovations


AI technologies have reached a point where they can help companies navigate the AI innovations landscape and find products that can successfully lead to creating new businesses. This can be equally applicable to startups and established companies. In this talk we will provide an overview of the Inventurist approach and platform for helping companies achieve business growth based on AI innovations.


Cirrus Shakeri is the CEO-CTO of Inventurist and responsible for the company's overall product direction and technology development. Cirrus has more than 20 years of experience in technology and product development, focused on the application of Artificial Intelligence in enterprise. He has extensive expertise in intelligent agent systems, knowledge-based systems, semantic technologies, natural language processing, knowledge graphs, machine learning, and Big Data. Cirrus has worked on solving real-world problems in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, telecom, retail, and government. Most recently, Cirrus worked as a Senior Director in the Office of the CTO at SAP Labs in Palo Alto for 7 years and was responsible for finding new areas of growth for SAP, based on emerging technologies in Big Data and AI. Cirrus has been advising technology startups in Silicon Valley since 2014. He is an Executive in Residence at the Plug and Play Tech Center, one of the largest startup incubators in the San Francisco Bay Area. Cirrus has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Engineering, and a Ph.D. from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the applications of multi-agent systems.