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Artificial Intelligence Reducing Cost and Improving Quality in Service Management


Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize ITSM is now practical. This discussion will reveal real world ITSM use cases improved using AI, explaining the areas that are most critical to launching AI correctly with a focus on cost savings and continuous cost and quality improvement. The session will begin describing the issues with adopting AI, in particular methods to improve incomplete and ambiguous data in your current ITSM systems, the first step to ensuring the effective use of AI. Once a baseline of data is established, we will discuss the application of AI in the workflow of real world use cases to create cost-effective low-touch, and no-touch service delivery. Creating well-formed Requests Information gathering and Root Cause Analysis Knowledge Management and Curation Remediation and Fulfillment Recommendations Workflow Automation Self Service The session will conclude with a description of how machine learning embodies continuous improvement and provides a source of analytics to track and expose areas which can benefit from process, training, and skills improvement.


As Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Bill brings more than 30 years of experience in the communications and enterprise IT industries. Most recently, he was CTO at SUMMUS Software. Prior to SUMMUS, he served at Amdocs as a CTO of the Product Business Unit where he was responsible for the development of real-time customer experience platforms. Before joining Amdocs, Bill served as senior vice president of product planning and architecture at DST Innovis, where he was responsible for strategic technology platforms, product management and pre-sales for the cable, broadband and satellite industries.