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Digital Partnership: Accelerating the era of Artificial Intelligence


Monsanto has been a deep rooted agriculture company for almost three decades now and have developed a culture of using analytics to increase agriculture productivity globally. Rise of high performance compute analytics enables a sector like agriculture to double down on agriculture productivity since it’s heavily dependent on accounting for multiple sources of variation – environmental, genetics, genomics, weather, location, geospatial components, transgenes etc. Being able to bring the dynamics of all these components together requires significant advances in data sciences from deep learning, machine learning to base statistics, genetics and data sciences collaboration at a global production scale. At Monsanto, we see this as huge opportunity for digital partnerships with startups to large industry leaders to help accelerate ag productivity globally and drive product performance. In this talk, the I share the successes we have made so far in driving artificial intelligence in a legacy company. I will also share partnerships that Monsanto has embarked upon recently to accelerate in the AI space – from deep learning, machine learning to data sciences collaboration platform to fast forward the pace of innovation in agricultural analytics.


Anju Gupta currently leads the Digital Partnerships and Outreach team at Monsanto. In this role, she is responsible for driving innovation and establishing high level strategic partnership ecosystem for Monsanto with industry leaders and startup companies. Anju joined Monsanto in 2003 as a Molecular Scientist and transitioned into leading Statistical Genetics and analytical teams. In recent years, she focused on building long term strategies for Monsanto’s portfolio globally. She has been an active contributor to several non profit organizations and has received numerous awards including few Monsanto Above and Beyond awards. She was also selected as the YWCA Women leader for Monsanto in 2014. Anju has a Ph.D in Quantitative genetics from The Ohio State University, has ~17 granted and published patents and she also serves as an executive Board member of AIWorld. Anju is a Monsanto Science Fellow and is a frequent invited speaker on Artificial Intelligence in Silicon Valley and New York.