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Navigating The AI Job Market - How To Differentiate Yourself And Land The Right Role


AI is undoubtedly the most exciting job opportunity of the 21st century. But there's a lot of important differentiation between Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and true AI. What's advertised as AI and what that entails can differ significantly depending on the nature of the company, their data, their needs, and their team. And as an applicant its critical to know what part of the field you fit into, and also to understand how to properly pitch yourself as the engineer a company needs. In this workshop we will explore ways to identify the many types of AI Engineers and other Data roles one might perform, and then to illuminate what companies are likely to need what type of AI help during the application and interview process. Most importantly, we will cover how to properly differentiate yourself as a candidate when applying for jobs, so that as an applicant you can successfully relay your abilities to the given data problems of the company you speak with.


Andrew is the Head of Partnerships and Senior Career Advisor at Metis, and is an experienced advisor and business development facilitator who has been working in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 10 years. He began as a director of business development where he worked with tech startups, helping them expand internationally and hire diverse teams. For the past 4 years, Andrew has been a Career Advisor to people looking to gain a foothold in the tech industry; and continues that role with Metis (a Data Science Bootcamp) where he facilitates corporate partnerships and job placement for Metis' students in San Francisco - where he has helped students new to Data Science get employed as Data Scientists with noted companies such as Facebook, Airbnb, Apple, and Tesla.