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BigData scalability and performance: past, present, and future


BigData scalability and performance has come a long way since the introduction of Hadoop 15 years ago. Even then, data applications are constantly pushing the limit of BigData scalability with more sophisticated use-cases. As data collection reach 60ZB in 2020, are we still on a sustainable path for BigData scalability or will data innovation suffer as the cost of BigData become prohibitively high? This talk will look at the history of BigData scalability and performance breakthrough in the past, assess the state of the art and make bold predictions about the future.
Who is this presentation for?
It would be simple enough for executives to understand, but interesting enough to make technical folks ponder about the future.
Prerequisite knowledge:
General knowledge of BigData processing (Map-Reduce) but optional
What you'll learn?
How far we have come along with BigData processing and what to expect or change on BigData strategy in the future.


Tiong Lee is the CEO of Qubical, Inc, which specialized in performance acceleration technology for BigData (Apache Spark). Previously, Tiong was leading the development of award-winning video streaming analytics product in Ooyala. Before Ooyala, Tiong leads the innovation and integration of (ClearApp, acquired) APM team in Oracle. Tiong holds Bachelor and Master degree in Comp Science and Management of Information System.