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API Design and Usability Considerations


APIs that are modern, RESTful, and rich with Usability could make all the difference in onboarding new clients to your business. This session covers usability best practices in exposing basic and complex business functions via simple APIs. In-depth details on building RESTful interfaces, HATEOAS links for navigation and usability, ODATA for standard data retrieval (paging, sorting, selecting, filtering etc), and error handling are covered in this talk. Code samples, and sample API endpoints with request/response data will be shared with the audience. Session will cover using Lambda functions in HTTP(S) URLs, to perform operations on aggregated and single entities.

Who it is for: 
Developers and Architects
What you will learn:
- Learn to develop standard, modern, and usable APIs
- Learn to tradeoff between performance and usability+readability of services
- Learn to conduct usability studies for APIs
- Learn and evaluate various data retrieval API standards


Sumit works at Visa as a Sr Director of Innovation Development in San Francisco. Before coming to Visa, he spent two years at EA and 9 years at Microsoft as developer/manager, optimizing several Microsoft products for performance and usability, including adCenter (now Bing Ads), Bing Shopping,, and Cloud TV (Mediaroom). He has worked in Microsoft Redmond, Vancouver, Copenhagen, and Silicon Valley campuses. Sumit received his MBA in IT and Systems in 2002 and is currently working on his dissertation for a PhD in Computer Information Systems.