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Best Practices for IP protection of Innovative AI technology


From machine learning to bots, natural language processing to computer vision, AI hardware to deep learning and neural networks, innovations in cutting edge AI technology are constantly being developed by companies both large and small.  One key differentiator that innovative and cutting-edge AI companies use to keep ahead of their competition is an intellectual property management program.  This presentation will provide in-depth information on patent and other IP trends for cutting edge AI technology.  Points covered will include identifying AI technology suitable for patent protection, identifying whether and when to pursue patent protection for AI, trends in AI patent protection, the IP practices of AI industry leaders, and focused guidelines for managing a patent program for different types of AI technology.


Steve Bachmann is the founder and principal at Bachmann Law Group. Steve represents technology companies on patent, trademark, licensing, and other IP related matters. Steve has significant expertise in network and cybersecurity, threat detection, big data, mobile applications and technologies, and cloud technologies. He also has extensive experience in building, prosecuting and licensing patent portfolios for start-up companies and Fortune 500 companies in these technology areas for over 15 years.