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Domain specific Chatbot with limited Data
In recent years, chatbot and its underlying technology has become popular among tech and business community. Chatbot has evolved from answering redundant questions to answering domain specific inquiry with context awareness. Future ask from chatbot would be: seamlessly digest information and provide an answer in actionable format. Above process gets more complicated when we use it for a new domain where terminology doesn't always follow a natural language framework and the corpus is full of abbreviations or lack of data abundance or users have very limited understanding of the domain, In these scenarios, training an AI bot becomes more complex at multiple levels. In a real-world scenario there are only few SME- Subject Matter Experts who can act as reference points, areas such as customer solutions, maintenance, legal and medical are continuously growing and new topics emerge almost every year. Solving such a moving target using AI would be challenging. This talk I would like to present my learnings on building domain specific chatbot, which includes, how to start with no data, develop ontology, work with limited Q&A samples, use ML tools-incorporate bot framework, deploy& gather feedback and retrain.

Who is this presentation for?

Data scientists & Product managers


Prerequisite knowledge:

basic data science, product managers


What you'll learn?

 What you need to know before one builds a chat bot, business& technology



I am Shashi Gudur, Data scientist at Microsoft Azure Site Reliability Engineering group. I currently work on domain specific autonomous chatbot which helps solve and mitigate crisis management problems. I have completed close to 10 years as Data Scientist, worked on AI & Machine learning applications in various industries which includes Insurance, supply chain, Manufacturing& operations, Software: building next generation cognitive tools to help optimize work space. I enjoy solving business problems and optimize solutions using data and machine learning. I envision a world with AI which empowers humanity and environment.