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My startup journey


In this session, I will discuss my entrepreneurship journey and learnings from failures and successes along the way. The advantages and disadvantages of being an EIR. How to make decisions on the type of funding options Angels, Seed, VC or specialized networks with pros and cons for each one. The startup is like a video game with each level being more difficult than the last one.I will discuss the learning from each stage of company formation, co-founders, funding, hiring, sales, marketing to customer success and retention.
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People who want to start their own companies
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Sanjay Kalra was the General Manager for Guavus managing a team of 200 people spread across three different geographies and joined early when the revenue was less than $1M and worked with the team to grow revenue to ~$40M in 3 years. He was then EIR at VC firm and founded Lacework which is focused on Cloud Security. The company today is 75 people and has raised Series B capital and has 60+ customers. He now is the founder of another company in stealth mode which just raised a seed round..